Thursday, September 29, 2011

coming soon::

- pattern for slippers, a requested pattern created between two knitters working from different states, both inspired by different slippers (some free slippers, two paid, and all with different, great characteristics like felting, thrums, bunny ears, leather soles, etc. unfortunately there probably won't be thrums, because neither of us is any good at explaining how to do them). what a fucking challenge! we've taken both patterns and are working on collecting our favorite parts of the two and combining them into something... that looks nice. and keeps yo' feet warm.

- a collection of love in the form of quotes from different knitters/crocheters/crafters in general from ravelry/tumblr/gmail/other places, but no names will be listed.

- recycled mason jar lanterns

- breakfast cookie recipe

the main knitter here (me) has a lot of stuff going on right now... family, impending baby, a mountain of wips, school volunteer stuff, kip meetups, and too much damn holiday baking. aside from gaining a thousand pounds from treacle-dipped apples and various cheese sauces, i'll be fairly busy trying to get things in order for this doom-child while ferrying the other one to and from sports and science club.
the future likely holds less knitting patterns, but recipes, crochet, and various art-filled goodness will still abound!

follow us on tumblr for great free pattern suggestions from fabulous designers! but be warned that they'll mostly be ravelry links. :)

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