Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Literary Awesomeness

...Is right here:
Community Books

I sort of stumbled upon it while trying to find the pdf download of Principia Discordia. The whole site is great: sheet music, How-To books, , various reference books (my favorite!), Sci-Fi, audio files (including authors discussing their works), and lots more.

There are lots of languages available too. :)

I got a flyer from my local library recently about banned books (actually it was an invite to a read-aloud/light dinner get-together where I assume we will also discuss how silly it is to ban books), and Brave New World was on the list. Seriously. If you've not read it, you're being silly and you should get on that.


If you're too busy knitting/painting/drawing/bending/throwing/whatever to read with your eyes, check out LibriVox. Site members read chapters/bits/whole books and upload their audio files, and you can download and listen to them. There are loads of books, and new books and chapters are being uploaded all the time.

So seriously. Go read something.

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